Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency

Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency

We collaborate with your organization to create a stronger internal foundation for growth and competitive advantage achieving greater desired business results through Self-Designed strategies, and people and processes solutions while becoming a High Contribution Culture (HCC).

The Outcomes of the Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency processes are:

  • Design and Implement Strategic Planning Sessions that Create Practical Plans to Build Upon Growth
  • Improvement with High Performance Motivation
  • Project Management Skills and Execution of the Strategic Initiatives

A stronger strategy alignment and ownership at all levels in your organization results in a culture of accountability and measurements of success.

In order to be successful, leaders need the right systems and processes to ensure optimization of their teams. The policies, procedures, cultural norms (formal and informal) need to be reviewed to help create an environment in which everyone can perform at a higher level. We focus mostly on three main areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Planning
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning Sessions that Create Plans which are Practical to Build Growth

      We assist organizations with their development of a strategic plan that will help guide growth, evolution, and future.

      Based upon the Strategic Plan, BDG assists in focusing on Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency for ultimate organizational sustainability through:

    • Process and systems performance analysis
      • Operational
      • Financial
      • Market
    • Planning
      • Strategy development
      • Vision and mission development
      • Goal setting
      • Human capital assessment
      • Implementation
  • Performance Improvement with High Performance Motivation

    Performance Planning and helping your organization understand its metrics and their impact on its working teams is critical to creating a High Contribution Culture.

    • Lean thinking methodology
    • Performance metric development
    • Employee competency training
    • Performance motivation
  • Project Management Skills and Execution

    Being able to manage projects is critical to the success of a growing organization. This skill is required for all leaders in order to understand and support their desired outcomes.

    • Our Small Project Management Workshop has participants implement project management techniques based on industry best practices, and have been used by over 150 national and international companies.
      • The workshop is customized as half-day, one-day or two-day interactive sessions.
      • Participants define project management, review best practices, the skills and roles of a project manager, and come to realize the importance of leadership to develop a practical, simplified project plan for initiating, controlling, and closing projects.
    • Project Management Coaching is the process of working with the project manager(s) and their teams to help ensure quality and timely delivery of the project’s objectives and goals.