Leadership and Talent Development

Leadership and Talent Development

BDG helps orchestrate the development of a HCC and its effect on team members using the Organizational Self-Design (A2D4) and Organizational Ownership (02) processes.

The Outcomes of the Leadership and Talent Development Engagement with clients are:

  • Executives, Leaders, and Team Members Develop Leadership and Coaching Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills Development for Existing and Future Leaders
  • Increase Employees’ Engagement

Engagement in these processes improves business performance and organizational design with ensuring the right people with the knowledge, skills, attitudes/aptitude, and behaviors (KSAB’s) are in place performing the right job(s) at the right times.

  • Develop Leaders and Team Members with Leadership Development and Executive Coaching:
    • Develop Leaders
      • Leadership in successful organizations is not just the responsibility of executives, managers, and supervisors. Because leadership is shared throughout the entire organization, skills enhancement, and development of new skills at all levels are recognized, learned and implemented. BDG assists in developing skills where everyone participates in leadership.
      • We work with leaders individually and in groups developing the requisite leadership skills for today’s culture challenges through leadership workshops as well as coaching.
    • Executive Coaching
      • Our Coaching Services provide an individualized developmental process in which selected organizational members are supported while achieving specific personal and professional competencies and goals.
      • BDG has used its Executive Coaching Services for more than 20 years working with more than 500 executives at large and small businesses, universities, government, and not-for-profit organizations.
    • Leader Organizational Coaching
      • To achieve its goals the organization as a whole often requires leaders to develop skills around coaching their team members. This service provided by BDG from the executive level to non-executives results in improved organizational buy-in, alignment, cooperation, collaboration, and communication.
  • Interpersonal Skills Development for Existing and Future Leaders:

      BDG has a long history of working with leaders in the development of communication, which encompasses a wide range of skills, from observing, listening, expressing to interpreting. We also specialize in helping leaders learn how to interpret their situation by conducting several types of analyses (e.g., organizational needs, competitive, key stakeholder, and customer and employee satisfaction). These skills will help you gain knowledge and understanding of both your internal and external environments.

      Additionally, we help leadership and their teams improve a culture of Collaboration, Cooperation, and Communication (C3), which is critical for sustaining growth and success in today’s organizations.

      We offer both courses and individual consultation to assist in the development of these skills.

  • Increase Employees Engagement:

      The A2D4 Self-Design Process evolved to help engage teams so they could participate in the development of a culture of success.

      A Self-Design Process (A2D4) helps organizations evolve their own destiny based on the executive leadership’s strategic directions, and change initiatives. Leaders can then work with their own people to create new thinking and behaviors within the teams by using our processes. This will help fulfill the needs, goals, and objectives of your organization.

      We have assisted leaders to create and evolve engaged communities of team members, through many means, for instance employee involvement programs, organizational learning environments, or special interest employee programs.

  • A2D4 Framework