Business Development Group’s (BDG) purpose is to help leaders and team members become more effective and efficient to achieve objectives and goals through creating a High Contribution Culture (HCC).

BDG works as a partner, collaborating with our clients to create a stronger foundation for growth and competitive advantage. The achievement of your organization’s desired results is accomplished through Self-Designed strategies (A2D4), people and process solutions that will help your organization become a HCC.

BDG’s focus since its inception has been that of Change Management – assisting organizations in their evolution, that is to say their creative, constructive change through a process of Self-Design (A2D4), and building of leader and team competencies.

Over the years, BDG has developed two major processes to help organizations and their leaders achieve and often exceed desired results. These two processes are called Organizational Self-Design (A2D4) and Organizational Ownership (02).

A2D4 framework

BDG’s O2 process consists of three basic activities to produce within your organization:

  1. Team members’ higher engagement and satisfaction
  2. Operational performance improvement
  3. Leadership that values everyone

Strategic Initiatives diagram

Strategic Initiatives – Strategies and initiatives coming from executive vision, objectives, and goals

Workforce – Buy-in and alignment of directives and initiatives resulting in shared team member’s improved performance through communications and operational decision making

Coaching – a process designed to help leadership and teams integrate changes and move toward the desired results through increases in:

  1. Workforce engagement
  2. Organizational accountability
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Assertiveness

Ownership – employees taking ownership for the goals and objectives for organizational success influencing:

  1. Business processes
  2. Financial results
  3. Leadership and business competence
  4. Continuous improvement

As a business executive you can expect the following results when using our services, tools, and processes:

  • Achieving a HCC that will lead to increased profits (effectiveness and efficiency)
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency positively impacting the bottom line
  • Reducing expenses
  • Increasing team member morale by reducing workforce and leadership conflicts and while increasing camaraderie that leads to more productive workers
  • Creating an environment of collaboration, cooperation, and communication (C3)
  • Increasing creativity and ideas for innovation
  • Improving employee engagement, involvement, and fulfillment
  • Developing sustainable agile business practices and processes leading to goal and objective achievements

Creating a High Contribution Culture - HCC

Transforming your organization into a High Contribution Culture motivates team members to better align their focus, efforts and goals, which ultimately leads to greater business results.