A2D4 is a collaborative consulting process that guides your leaders and workforce to successfully implement change initiatives and transformation.

By implementing the A2D4 Process here is what you can expect:

  1. Greater clarity throughout the organization on strategic initiatives.
  2. Clearer communications between all team members and management.
  3. Improved collaboration and cooperation between
    • Management and Team Members
    • Teams (intra and inter)
    • Divisions and Departments

Here are the key steps for the A2D4 process:

Organizational Ownership (O2)

Organizational Ownership (O2) is a process that helps educate, engage, and mobilize your entire workforce.

In order for teams to be able to engage at a higher level and participate in your organization it starts with the understanding of your organizations vision, mission, guiding principles, strategic initiatives, and desired outcomes. The O2 process is a tool used to help:

  1. Leadership communicate requisite change in the organization’s systems, processes and behaviors
  2. Create a positive culture change
  3. Improve leadership, individual, and team member skills and behaviors needed to deliver the desired business results

BDG’s O2 Blueprint consists of three basic activities to produce team members’ engagement and satisfaction to a higher level. It positively affects organizational performance and leadership that values everyone within the organization.

High Contribution Culture (HCC)

High Contribution Culture (HCC) – An organizational process that creates a culture which connects all levels of your organization and operations to produce greater business results, product and services, and achieve goals for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Why should this matter to you as an organizational leader? It has been our experience (and for others as well) that a workforce which collaborates and cooperates, creates:

  • New ways of doing things
  • New product ideas
  • Significant improvements in processes

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Communication (C3)

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Communication (C3) – A process that helps develop people skills and behaviors, which recognizes Intellectual Capital within management and workforce on behalf of the organization. This process significantly enhances the impact on the company’s health and wellness.

The C3 culture is defined as follows:

Collaboration is the engagement of the workforce for the benefit of the organization yielding outcomes and business results that create new or enhanced forms of Human, Collaborative, and Social Capital while significantly improving the company’s Intellectual Capital.

Cooperation is the act of sharing and valuing each other’s contributions and strengths for the benefit of projects or the organization. It is a genuine, authentic, and open exchange between individuals and groups.

Communication is the “free” expression of thoughts feelings and beliefs through effective communications (expressing, observing, listening, and interpreting skills). We specialize in helping leaders learn how to interpret individual (e.g., oral, aural, visual, and body language) and organizational actions by conducting several types of analyses (i.e., organizational needs, competitive, key stakeholder, and customer and employee satisfaction) that help you gain knowledge and understanding of both the internal and external environments.


Self-Design is a process which involves the organization at all levels in the design and implementation of change initiatives. As a result of this participatory engagement, individuals and groups design, develop, buy in, implement, and support each other in the desired change initiative ultimately improving effectiveness and efficiency, and business results.

Self-Design Strategy is a commitment made by executives and management to use the intellectual capital within the organization. Along with supplemental information (i.e., industry best practices, competitors analysis, and benchmarking) the organization improves its own operations. Key to this endeavor is people creating their own future, in which they can live, manage, and grow while becoming a self sustaining process.

Self-Design Process comprises the A2D4 and the O2 processes along with other tools and training to help the organization achieve its desired results. The role of the consultant is to act as a process guide and, where necessary, a knowledge bearer (provide knowledge) to the workforce. Also, he/she plays an active role as coach, mentor, or facilitator as the situation requires.