Ask yourself, do you want your organization to work with people who understand your business?

If yes, the Business Development Group can do this for your organization:

We become your partner to create a stronger foundation for growth and competitive advantage achieving greater business results.

We employ a Self-Designed Collaborative Consulting Process (A2D4), people and processes solutions, and Organizational Ownership (02) processes to achieve your results while your organization evolves into a High Contribution Culture (HCC).

We will help your leaders and team members become more effective and efficient with their contributions and improve performance. So your organization becomes a sustainable High Contribution Culture in the future.

What are the results you can expect from employing these services, tools, and process through the involvement of BDG?

  • Increased profits
  • Reduced expenses
  • Increased operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increased productive communications (Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication [C3])
  • Reduced unproductive conflict
  • Increased creativity and innovations within the organization
  • Increased people engagement at all levels
  • Increased team members’ morale
  • Increased personal fulfillment

Our Goal is to assist you in navigating your evolution and growth as well as those unforeseeable bumps in the road. Through our proven processes we facilitate:

  • Leadership and talent development
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Culture and change management

“Using BDG’s Organizational Self Design Concept, we developed a new team from the bottom up and established a new organization unlike any we had before with policies, procedures and processes, which allowed worker participation. This resulted in a successful product launch. We built trust in the organization and overcame many “bumps in the road” as many people, both within the leadership as well as within the workforce, reverted to comfortable, but bad old behaviors used in the past. The process was not an easy one but was well worth the work. As I think of the process, we learned as we went, took many steps backwards as well as forwards and learned as we corrected mistakes we made. It was not a series of sequential steps as we tend to remember executing in the past but a process of heading in the right direction and correcting our course as we went. BDG helped us do this and we were quite successful.”

Mark Blair, Managing Director
Automotive Plastics Components Berlin and Former Auto Executive

“I’ve worked with Neil on a number of projects, chiefly looking at structural models to engage, incent, and promote physicians when I headed up marketing and planning for Oakwood Healthcare (now Beaumont Health). I have continually been impressed by Neil’s ability to quickly assess a situation, its pitfalls and advantages (culture really DOES eat strategy for lunch), and map a path for success. Neil doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but his incisive perspective is always delivered with grace and respect. That is essential in modern business where too many consultants do, indeed, ask for your watch, read you the time, and hand it back to you.”

Roy Sexton, Regional Director Marketing
Physician Network Organization

“Neil has provided me with mentoring and coaching services since 2012. As a new president of a non-profit sports organization with 11,000 members, I found it was a challenge for me to provide leadership and direction to a well-established organization. Although we were fiscally strong, we faced personality conflicts, lack of efficiency and effectiveness, and no growth in our membership numbers. Over the past five years Neil’s experience, wisdom, and encouragement has helped me provide direction and growth to our organization.”

Kevin Asano
United States Judo Federation, President
Personal Transformation International, President
Leeward Judo Club, Head Instructor
Step Onto the Mat, Author and Motivational speaker
1988 Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo