Business Development Group’s Mission is to assist our clients to engage and connect leaders at all organizational levels to achieve and exceed their people and processes desired performance results through consulting and experiential training services.

For over 35 years, Business Development Group’s Founder, Neil J. Simon, and his team of seasoned consultants have been delivering consulting and experiential training services with a customized Self-Designed approach for everyone in the organization.

Our work with clients has led to the development of two major processes that assist in the change and alignment process.

  • The first tool is the A2D4 Collaborative Consulting Process.
    This process is an organizational change methodology that has been employed nationally and internationally, which assists leaders in their efforts to strategize, innovate, design, or re-design processes, departments, divisions, or entire organizations.
  • The second is the Organizational Ownership Process (02)
    This process helps leadership develop a High Contribution Culture and evolve team members’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors it needs to succeed.

Our engagement with organizations leadership and individuals is to support change management initiatives to improve organizational and operational performance and meet bottom-line results through creating a High Contribution Culture.

Our High Contribution Culture services work with clients have taught us that every organization needs to embrace the following principles and assumptions to achieve higher performance result in their constantly changing competitive landscape.

  • Each organization has its own culture – the structure, processes and “rules” in which everyone who wants to be successful must follow.
  • Leadership style affects the people and its culture.
  • People are liberated or constrained by the organizational culture, which takes away from their contributions, performance, and creativity.
  • The more an team member is engaged and aligned with the leadership direction, the organization can move toward achieving its goals and objectives.
  • Not all team members can do everything – you need to respect how they work, what they are willing to do, and provide constructive feedback for their success.
  • Each team member fills a role and affects the organizational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as, the bottom line.
  • Most people want to contribute by nature and belong.
  • Change within an organization needs to be navigated and managed in order to achieve significant success.

We work closely with our clients in the for-profit, government, not-for-profit, and health-care industries and sectors using our tools and methodologies to help create a High Contribution Culture while focusing on:

  • Alignment of strategies, goals and objective to create better performance
  • Clarification of desired outcomes at all levels
  • Improvement of communications and relationships throughout the organization
  • Development of leadership skills and tools that engages team members to be more creative
  • Review of operations system and processes to identify how to improve performance and/or production.
  • Improve communications and interchange of ideas and feedback at all levels of the organization

Our areas of expertise are organizational Self-Design, including the capabilities in the following areas:

  • Executive and Manager Leadership Development
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Organizational Self-Design Transformation
  • Team-based Work Systems
  • Organizational Learning
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Merger and Acquisition Integration
  • Product Integration
  • Competitive Intelligence

Neil J. Simon lectures and presents interactive workshops nationally and internationally in areas relating to leadership and talent development, operational effectiveness and efficiency and cultural and change management. He is a Professional Instructor of Public Administration in the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Western Michigan University for Master and PhD students.

Neil J. Simon has published over one hundred seventy articles in business, clinical, and health care journals, his book, Navigating in a Sea of Change, is a landmark study of current competitive intelligence practices and strategies in the global business environment. He is also a peer editor for the Journal of Emergency Management.

Neil J. Simon holds a MA degree in Educational Psychology from Eastern Michigan University, and conducted his post-graduate studies at the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, California.