Welcome to Business Development Group’s website. We want to start conversations with you to learn about your unique needs and challenges, because we can help you solve the organizational and operational problems you face.

This website is a place to share insights and knowledge. We will share with you how our services in Leadership and Talent Development, Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency, and Culture and Change Management will assist you in sustaining a competitive advantage. We will guide you in creating and implementing a High Contribution Culture within your organization through your people, and processes, to produce the financial results you expect.

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Leadership and Talent Development
Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
Culture and Change Management

Our clients say that Business Development Group’s unique capabilities in Self-Designed Organizational Strategies, A2D4 (Organizational Self Design Process) and 02 (Organizational Ownership) process helped their organizations become High Contribution Cultures (HCC). Our change management processes and tools, along with people and improvement solutions will help your organization achieve its desired goals, objectives, and business results.

Business Development Group acts as partners with its clients in order to create a stronger foundation for growth and competitive advantage – in other words, becoming a High Contribution Culture. Your leaders and teams through the A2D4 and 02 processes will grow in leadership, problem solving, decision-making, communications, conflict resolutions, strategic thinking and interpersonal skills that will drive higher levels of performance.